McDonald’s is Basically Sin

I’ve been on this intense dieting/workout program for the past two weeks in an attempt to gain weight and it’s doing wonders for my health. I feel amazing. Well, until I decided to eat McDonald’s last night. My body was screaming, what are you doing to me?! Then it retaliated and prompted Ronald to destroy my insides. Needless to say, my desire to eat fast food has been reduced to a pulp and I am slowly realizing that I’m becoming a health-nut just like my mother.

Anyway, the whole idea of feeling like crap because of what we do to and with our bodies reminded me of sin and what it does to our relationship with Christ. I’ve begun to rest in a season of joy and my way of “doing life” has done a complete 180 – I’m fighting to see myself as Christ does and lean into His promises. My relationship with Christ has never been higher, bolder, and more vital on my list of priorities.

As Christians, we should always be hyper-aware of what sin does to our relationship with Christ, especially because it’s very existence is what led God to send Jesus in the first place. Sin severs our relationship with Christ and separates us from Him. I mean, that’s a no-brainer, right? But to be honest, I’ve never actually felt the symptoms of such a separation until lately, or at least, I’ve never become acquainted with them. I didn’t even know you could physically feel separated from God. In any case, it’s not a great feeling.

When I sin, I can see the space between God and I growing larger as the darkness that sin is comes between me and the Father of lights (James 1:17). I feel like a sorority girl taking the walk of shame back home after a night of regrets.

Okay, maybe that was a horrible analogy, but the point remains: for a moment, I feel wayward, far off, and disgraceful.

Then I remind myself of one of the classics – Romans 8:1.

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit (KJV).

For once, I like the King James Version, but regardless of the translation I love this promise – our identity is not in our mistakes and when we do sin, God’s not going to condemn us and we have no need to feel ashamed if we repent and continue to walk with Him. That sometimes unavoidable, brief sense of guilt helps guide us towards repentance, but then it’s gone.

“No guilt in life – this is the power of Christ in me.”

How can you not be stoked about that aspect of the Gospel? And even when we feel distant from God, He hasn’t abandoned us. His devotion to us doesn’t change simply because our effort we put forth in choosing Him over the world is sometimes pathetic.

Anyway, my challenge to you in this is to not linger on the crappy feeling that sin can bring. Repent, turn away, move forward, and continue living in joy. Lingering will deprive you of the joy that Christ desires for His beloved.

And lastly, avoid McDonald’s at all costs. Just as sin separates us from Christ, McDonald’s separates us from living a healthy life. It’s not even good in moderation.
I’m just extremely grateful that it wasn’t Taco Bell, because my body most likely would’ve keeled over and died.

With hope,


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