The Beautiful Mess

You taught me to be strong
and gentle, like a fierce wind
that chooses to leave
leaves veined to their branches:
a thing in which I couldn’t learn alone,
a thing in which could not be taught
on your own.

You taught me to lean into love,
as it’s not always painful.
Sure, vulnerability take sacrifice,
but to allow oneself to be loved
takes humility.

You taught me that.

You taught me that I am
worth the effort,
worth the time.

I am not too much to grip,
to hold onto.
These things I couldn’t have learned alone,
and no, you could not teach them
on your own.

My desire is that I’ve taught you
what hope looks like,
how honesty is the glue that holds
us together as love
binds everything in
perfect harmony.
I couldn’t have taught you this on my own,
and no, you couldn’t have learned it
on your own.

Somehow, in the mess,
this beautiful mess,
I pray that the distance between us
and heaven’s King had decreased.

For we were born to stand
tall, side by side,
in adversity.

A thing in which we couldn’t
have learned alone,
a thing in which He
taught us in the storms.


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