The name’s Donaven Blake Smith and I’m 21 years old. I blow my candles out every July 14th. With my father being in the Marine Corps, I’m a military brat lacking a hometown, but I was born in Denver, Colorado and I’ve gotten to see a lot more of the world than most people my age.

I attend the University of Colorado Boulder and am double majoring in Psychology and Sociology. Check out what I do in life here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/donavensmith

I was created to be social worker. 3 semesters of clueless wandering in college led me to a place where I knew that to be true. I’m planning on pursuing an MSW from UC Berkeley (the dream) to work with young adults in recovery from addiction and mental illness.

Music is my second love.
I play piano, guitar, ukelele, and sing.

Jesus Christ is my first love. No matter how often I wander, He’s always there. He is the reason I am still breathing.

Lastly, I suffer from manic depression and am living in recovery from a myriad of mental health related issues. I am a living, breathing story of hope and that’s what I need this blog to reflect.

I’m taking life one day at a time and I’m super excited to see where God leads me next.

Thanks for checking in on me.

With hope,


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